Our commitment.
To Humankind and the Rainforest.

Rioca’s Responsibility

Businesses have a duty to operate responsibly. Our personal labour of love is our commitment to our aid organisation i Live Help Alliance. For years we’ve been supporting community projects in Brazil and supporting the harbour school ‘Padre Dr. Francisco Motta’ in Rio.

Harbour School

Children need a future

Initiatives such as the harbour school ‘Padre Dr. Fransisco Motta’ in Rio make it possible for children from surrounding Favelas to have a brighter future. For a real perspective of their future more than 1,000 students have been able to escape the vicious cycle of poverty thanks to education, care, and proper nutrition.

Money from the government is not enough. However, to secure the livelihood of this school, support from businesses is needed. With i Live, we’ve been supporting the school for many years now, and therefore also helping to provide equal opportunities to the children of Rio de Janeiro.

The Arts are also an integral part of the curriculum.
The German pastor Pater Eckhart led the school for 27 years.
Support starts at kindergarten age.
The continuously growing school has been active since 1897.
Students between the ages of four and 19 attend the harbour school.
Espaço verde
i Live Help Alliance

Commitment to the Rainforest

With our aid organisation, i Live Help Alliance, we aim to support the conservation of the Brazilian Rainforest. The images of the forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest in 2019 deeply affected us. For this reason, we are inspired to not only support community projects, but also to expand our aid to help conserve nature in Brazil. Together with local partners  we are in talks to develop a new project. This project will not only plant millions of trees over the coming years but will also set up a training facility for the local population. In this way we hope to contribute sustainably and on a long-term basis to the protection of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.