About us

Our Story

Several years have passed since our founder, Amos, tired and weary, set off for Rio and found a new sense of life.

The remarkable tolerance towards people from all over the world, the almost tangible joy of life, and the natural warmth of the Cariocas transformed Brazil into his second home.

At Rioca, we aspire to offer people what Amos found in Rio: a home among friends.

Our Vision

Welcome to Rioca: Your haven of Brazilian warmth, where strangers become friends. Our door is open to everyone – whether it’s for a night, a week, or during a project.

Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or with family – Rioca welcomes you warmly. Here, you’ll feel the lightness of life. In our apartments, you can cook to your heart’s content, feel completely at ease, and find deep, restful sleep. Rioca is more than accommodation. It’s a home that imparts an unparalleled sense of comfort. Here, you can create your own little paradise while fully enjoying the Brazilian way of life.

What sets us apart

Rio Vibes everywhere Rioca is not just a hotel room. Rioca is a home.
24/7 Self-Checkin Make your check-in easy yourself, no matter when you arrive.
Fully-equipped apartment Kitchen, rain shower, and bathroom just for you.
Brazilian snacks The best Caipirinha in town, Brazilian snacks, and regional delicacies.
Prime location Always in a prime location with excellent public transportation connections.
The best Caipirinha in town Our insider tip: Passion Fruit Caipirinha! Ask our bartender about it.
Sustainable & environmentally friendly We strive to reduce our footprint.
Friendship & community. Feel at home with us from the very first moment.
High-speed Wi-Fi Streaming, home office, and more are no problem with us.
Brazilian events Regular, authentic Brazilian events.
Community- & Co-Working Area Work in our co-working area or meet new people.
Café & Bar Coffee for breakfast is a must for you? Or perhaps you prefer a cocktail from our bar?
Inhouse Gym For the perfect balance to your day, use our in-house gym for free.
Outdoor areas Enjoy the city view on our rooftop terrace.
Pets welcome We look forward to your little companion.
Parking available No hassle with searching for parking; park directly at Rioca.

Rioca in Rio

The entire Rioca family was together in Rio in 2022. We aim to bring the authentic Rio Spirit to Europe. And what better way to do that than to experience this feeling firsthand? That’s why we made the impossible possible and flew with over 200 colleagues to Rio de Janeiro.