Diogo Nogueira

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Rioca Präsentiert Diogo Nogueira

In September, Diogo Nogueira will come to Europe to perform with his new show. Germany and Austria have been chosen by the artist to celebrate Brazilian music with this spectacle, alongside Rioca, a concept hotel inspired by Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to fresh interpretations of his career hits like “Pé na Areia,” “Alma Boêmia,” “Clareou,” and “Sou Eu,” Diogo will bring the Samba de Roda from Bahia to the stage, along with the best of Brazilian songbook. From Arlindo Cruz to Chico Buarque, from Zeca Pagodinho to Tim Maia – from start to finish, it’s all about Samba!

Diogo Nogueira’s new show repertoire encompasses and brings the audience closer to the diversity of Brazilian music styles and sounds. Music won’t be the only highlight of the event! Diogo is also bringing back the dance. Always present in his shows, both on and off stage, dance will be celebrated with original choreographies by the ballet of dance company Leandro Azevedo – actor, dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

The shows will shine even brighter with various surprises revealed during the presentation on the LED panel of the stage, and with the band consisting of eleven musicians: Rafael dos Anjos (guitar and musical direction), Henrique Garcia (cavaco), Julio Florindo (bass), Paulo Bonfim (drums), Rafael Delgado (banjo and vocals), Gabi D’paula (vocals), Alisson Maninho (percussion), Wilsinho Baltazar (percussion), J. Chiclete (percussion), Marechal (percussion), and Fabiano Segalote (trombone).

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