Be our guest.
Be our friend.

Futuro em conjunto


Opening our door is the beginning of the Brazilian warmth that turns strangers into friends. Everyone is equally welcome, whether for a night, for a week or for the duration of a project. Whether alone, as a couple or with the family. Rioca is a place where life feels easy. In your apartment you can cook to your heart’s content, feel at home, and find deep, restful sleep.

Viva a vida


Long live Life




We see ourselves as friends, as amigões [əˈmiːˌɡəʊ]. Rigid standards are alien to us. Because every person is unique, they get the service they want from us.



Zest for life:

The Cariocas’ definition of happiness [kaˈɾjɔka̝] is gratitude for life, for good friends, togetherness and enjoyment. We make your life at Rioca Aparthotel just as easy.

Mãe natureza



The world is our common home, which is why we are permanently committed to protecting people and nature, which is essential for all of us to survive, through the iLive Help Alliance.

Como tudo começou


At home with friends

It has been some time since our founder, Amos, travelled to Rio completely exhausted and rediscovered life there. The tolerance for people from everywhere, the almost tangible love for life, and the natural warmth of the Cariocas turned Brazil into Amos’ second home. Rioca should be a place where people can encounter what he found in Rio: A home at a friend’s.



Being there for each other

Rioca is aware of its responsibility to the environment and fellow human beings. That is why all our drinking water comes straight from the tap. We’ve been supporting the »Padre Dr. Francisco Motta« school by Rio’s harbour, which ensures around 1,100 children from the Favelas get a good education. Feel free to support us!

Our Responsibility